What's it all about?

Let's Game!

 Let's Game! is a community support program for families in the Fyansford  district.

 Let's Game! relies on parents to implement the activities; all of which are designed to meet the needs

of children in their primary-school years.

 Let's Game! is not a literacy or numeracy program. Rather, it has as its focus the development of pupils' thinking skills.


in plain talk, what's it all about?

Let's Game!

Let's Game!   has three programs


1.   Mind Stretchers

Weekly home-activity units each containing a developmental series of challenges grouped into three levels: for Young OnesJuniors and Seniors.

The units include:

  1. Comparative Concepts (Young Ones)

  2. Number-Play (all levels)

  3. Logics (all levels)

  4. Arty Stuff (all levels)

Source: Mind Stretchers Books: Introductory, 1 and 2



2.   Topical Explorations

Developmental, sequentially-skilled home explorations; each with a focus on a different topic. Topics will be posted as a total unit containing eight activity sheets. Thus, parents will be able to select activities most appropriate to their individual children; ranging from Young Ones to Advanced. The range of topical explorations could include (depending on community preference) the following:

  1. The Tangram ~ Puzzles based around the ‘tangram’

  2. Blocks-n-dice ~ Puzzles based around ‘dice’

  3. Match-It ~ Puzzles based around ‘matches’

  4. Networking ~ Puzzles based around ‘networks’

  5. Space Dividers ~ Puzzles based around the concept of ‘space’

  6. Word Stretchers ~ Vocabulary development games and puzzles

  7. My Word! ~ Children express opinions on given topics

  8. Tactix ~ Strategy gaming for pairs

  9. Solos ~ Puzzles for individual children

  10. Number Games ~ for groups / class

Source: Game-Play Program Books: 1-3, Play the Game Books: 1-3, Tactix, Word Stretchers

3.   Blast-Off!

A series of independent activity sheets drawing from all areas of the primary ‘number’ curriculum with a focus on reasoning, clear thinking and problem solving. Good numeracy and literacy skills are essential. This program is geared more to the independent and skilled student functioning at a higher level, i.e. top year-6 to 8.

Source: Blast-Off! Books: A-D




Let's Game!

Let's Game!

presented in conjunction with FYANSFORD.COM

contains problem-solving and creative-thinking activities

drawn from resources originally intended for use

by primary teachers in classrooms.

The program has been adapted for use in the home

by parents and children.

The 'guidelines' taken from the teachers' texts

are purely for reference by interested parents.

Parents may use challenges in any way and order they want






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