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Books 1-3

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Books 1-3

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Mind Stretchers series  (Years 2-7) Mathematical focus

Blast-Off! series (Years 3-6) More advanced than Mind Stretchers

Puzzles and Strategy Gaming (Years 3-6) Solos & paired activities

Creative Constructs (Advanced Years 5-6) Technology focus

Creative Thinking (Advanced Years 5-6) Problem-solving focus

Word Stretchers (Years 5-6) Vocabulary focus

News Views (Years 5-6) Critical viewing - based on ABC's BTN

Sample Activities

(Background information only - not required reading)

  • Be aware the Let's Game! challenges are not traditional math problems. 

  • Be aware some children may not have an inquiring or risk-taking nature. 

  • Be aware that quite intelligent and academic students may not necessarily cope easily with free-wheeling activities.

  • Be aware that if your child needs a lot of guidance, strict routines, precise instructions they may not enjoy this type of exercise. 

For example - ask your child:

  • How many people do you think could stand on that mat? How did they get their answer?

  • What is the biggest thing that could be wrapped entirely with a sheet of newspaper (without touching the paper)? How did they get their answer?

  • Give them a sheet of paper and say, "What could you make with that?"How did they go?

  • What could you use a brick for? How many different answers can they give?