I once read that

doing 30 minutes huff-n-puff

improved spelling and handwriting

more than if the time had actually

been spent on spelling and writing.

I believe the same

for singing and drama.

beauty is in the eye of the creator and the beholder

Let's Game! art challenges are at different levels

It is up to program participants (along with leaders) to select the challenge level that is most appropriate. No sense in trying something too easy or too difficult.

Time is flexible - anything from 30 minutes to an hour seems appropriate. A lot depends on the topic, style, media and temperament of the child doing the activity. You decide.

Media will be mixed. While partricipants may use whatever they have, the program will benefit from the use of coloured pencils, crayons, textas, chalks and paint. It would be great if parents could buy a range of inexpensive materials from K-Mart, Target, Dollar or Opp Shops (depending on what is open) for use in the home-activities program.

It would be great if children had access to varied draw-on materials - footpath, paper (in different sizes - the larger the better), newsprint, sections of wallpaper (I used to scrounge OpShops for left-over rolls), butcher's paper,...

It would be great if:

  • there was a space at home for displaying children's work - wall, fridge, shelf... 

  • parents emailed a photo to Let's Game! for display on the site community display-board...

  • occasional nominated pieces of children's art might be displayed in front windows for sharing with other local children.

Jo Niceweather

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