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The teacher in me

The parent in me

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Might I be so bold as to suggest:~

Nothing is so important as attitude.

If I was comfortable as a teacher, my students would be at ease and everything would flow -

  • humor, light-hearted banter, personalisation, interest, motivation - keys to making things work 

  • routine helps - disorganisation hinders 

  • preparation - essential

Planning for the long haul makes for an easy passage.

As a teacher I always believed -

  • the first week was the most important week of the year 

  • the first day was the most important day 

  • the first hour was the most important hour

Novelty is not only novel but it's also surprising.

As a teacher I always tried to be surprising -

  • boredom accompanies sterile routine

  • believe me - we can plan for surprises 

  • a surprise can rekindle enthusiasm

Challenges delight and foster growth

As a teacher a highlight was seeing that "A-hah" experience in my kids -

  • nothing teaches better than success 

  • gradual increases encourage growth - bigger hurdles failure

  • children who self-learn grow to be more independent than those who are told everything

Make an impact

As a teacher I always  -

  • loved red - folders, sox, hair, chalk

  • loved roses - not only look and smell great but they foster sensitivity

  • loved spontaneity - and kids do too

Look for common similarities while teaching for individual differences

As a teacher I always believed -

  • all children are different - physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally...

  • all children are not risk-takers - some need direction, security, non-failure...

  • I could reach every child - but certainly not by the same path

Teachers need to be actors

And, parents by their very nature are teachers

  • children are natural-born actors

  • children's attending behavior is fostered by attention-getting behavior 

  • there are times when silence/personal anecdotes work best


As a teacher I was often frustrated -

  • by frustrating children, parents, colleagues, situations 

  • which - is not the end of the world 

  • which more often than not resulted in changed behavior

Children can accept differentiation

As a teacher I expected my kids -

  • to understand there was classroom, playground and home language/behavior 

  • while there are different expectations for us there are also common expectations of us

  • to understand that we all have different backgrounds, attitudes and skills - which is usually OK


As a teacher I believed -

  • occasional failure leads to growth more than the automatic, continuous rewarding of triviality

  • failure that results in the reviewing of a situation is a great learning strategy 

  • failure = questions = changes = growth



Parents / relatives / older siblings


We can rise to the occasion - handle this temporary situation - assist our children work through it...

As LEADERS of the Let's Game! program within your house you are responsible for:

  • selecting varied activities to occupy your children profitably through this time.                                 This doesn't have to be a chore... It could be fun - TV, books, hobbies, projects...                     This program is merely an attempt to provide extra options for parents.

  • setting fair expectations for and of your children in light of their abilities, attitudes, maturity... Activities need to be appropriate - age, gender, physical capability...                                       Don't be rigid about age/grade indicators that may be in the literature. It's more a matter of what suits your child.

  • establishing a sensible activity environment and routine... Children respond well to routine, to knowing what's going on, where, when and why...                                                                   Have a set location - on rug, back porch, kitchen table, dad's office... and time - after lunch, 3.00 o'clock...

  • making adequate preparations, collecting materials, providing feedback and positive reinforcement.                                                                                                                       I remember having wax crayons, colored chalk, dry pastels, oil pastels, coloring pencil-sets, tin of water paints... You might even get something from K-Mart that's special for Let's Game!

  • Do something different. We all love novelty, special occasions, one-off experiences... Try making the Let's Game! session unique in some small way -                                                                               Having a bright red vinyl tablecloth / wearing an overall / getting down on the floor with the kids / playing kid's music / following-up with play-lunch... will make the sessions different       

Family fun-time can happen anywhere and anytime. 

I know teaching is not easy. It takes years of training and practice.

But enthusiasm will go a long way. The following suggestions may help.

  • You have decided who will coordinate and lead the program ensuring their availability and willingness to accept the responsibility.

  • You have decided where you will do the activity


  • You need a PC, printer and paper. Download and print the activity sheets 

  • You have decided when you'll start the program allowing yourself sufficient preparatory time. Begin working at developing anticipation and getting the necessaries - Red tablecloth, writing & coloring tools (colored & black pencils, biro...), regular printer paper is fine for work-sheets, A4 cartridge is best for drawing and construction activities, large paper (for painting - rolls of old wallpaper, A3 paper, heavy card painted with white undercoat...) 

  • It'd be great if you have a pin-board for displaying you child's/children's work.


  • Have you a smartphone/camera for capturing progress photos? 


  • Have a kind word with nan or pop re helping out with making various aids depending on the age of your child (tangram, dice,...)

  • Prepare for your first session by having the activity station clear, knowing what you want to achieve, understanding what equipment/materials will be required and how you'll go about running the session. 

  • Don't be overly ambitious. If it's appropriate make a big deal of having a successful first session; perhaps finishing with morning or afternoon tea (an ice-cream, soft drink, fruit, nibbles).

  • Be enthusiastic... 




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