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Ah-Hah! Gee-Whizz!


(Fantabulous O.... S.... primary school Science & Technology Bonanza)

a term-long program in which my year-6 students, dressed as 'mad scientists' and in pairs, conducted 30-minute, weekly, science & technology experiments in each of the thirteen other classes in the school.

Ah-Hah! Gee- Whizz!

a years 5/6 homework program (shared with Donna) which involved our pupils working collaboratively with parents to make constructs which sought to solve a given technological-type problem, e.g. Make a stack-hat for an egg-head. On the Friday morning of  each week all pupils would gather in the hall or outside for public demonstrations by pupils of their constructs.


A year 5/6 homework program (again shared with Donna) in which pupils were required to explore solutions to problems or creative tasks, e.g. come up with as many possible uses for a standard house-brick, learn/recite a poem, enact a news report, design a poster showing...

Samples of Ah-Hah! Gee-Whizz! constructs




Back in the nineties our pupils were involved in a series of exciting, hands-on programs aimed at fostering co-operative learning, parent/child interaction, creative thinking and problem-solving. The programs, which were outstandingly successful, relied entirely upon parental co-operation.