Let's Game!





Let’s Game! In Summary


Let’s Game! provides programs at three levels: Young Ones (P-2), Juniors (3-4), Seniors (5-6)


Young Ones', Juniors' & Seniors' programs each comprise 16 weeks of home fun-n-games spread over four units:        

  • Unit 1 (weeks 1-4)

  • Unit 2 (weeks 5-8)

  • Unit 3 (weeks 9-12)

  • Unit 4 (weeks 13-16)

Let’s Game! program comprises activities/puzzles/games (worksheets) in three categories:

  • Mind Stretchers

  • Blast-Off!

  • Arty-Stuff


Each of these categories will be presented in the three levels (Young Ones, Juniors, Seniors) over each of the four units with activity units being intended for once-weekly use. Time, activity selection and frequency is totally at the discretion of home leaders (parents).

Activities in the four units will be grouped into the following topical classifications (at each of the three levels):~

Comparative Concepts (focus on basic size, shape, positional concepts...)

Blast-Off! (focus on extending critical / creative / independent thinking)

Number-Play (focus on key 'primary-level' number concepts)

Logics (focus on early problem-solving and reasoning skills)

Arty Stuff (focus on fun creative / expressive thinking through activity)

Possible extra 'future' activity classifications (depending on acceptance of Let's Game! within the community)...  If the program is not of use it will disappear just as quickly as it arrived.

  • Word Stretchers (focus on vocabulary...)

  • My Word! (focus on independent / expressive thinking / communication)

  • Tactix (focus on strategy gaming as a means of fostering problem-solving...)

  • Number Games (focus on group math games)

  • Solos (focus on developmental puzzles for 'one' person)

  • Write Away! (focus on written communication)

For First Two Months