Let's Game!

Mr Flatt's old-time problem-solving puzzle collection

Let's Game!

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Classes are so different nowadays...


children still learn when it's fun to learn


Fyansford.com Community

My goal is to help my community

make it through these troubled times.

Perhaps these old-fashioned games, puzzles and activities

aren't for this day-n-age.

But, I'll give it a go.

Not only do I see this site as being valuable to parents,

but it could also be a useful resource for teachers

looking for ideas.

Let's Game!
Blast Off (Books A-D)
Play the Game (Books 1-4)
Mind Stretchers 1-3
366 Maths+ Ideas

Let's Game!

draws from the many books

I've shared with teachers over the years.

©     As the books were copyrighted in my name I'm assuming I can share them...


Let's Game! is not a regular literacy or numeracy program. It will not teach your child how to count or read...

Let's Game! is a program of graded activities with a focus on thinking and problem solving - relative to three ability levels.

Let's Game! is about risk-taking, exploring, having-a-go...

Let's Game! requires appropriate listening, verbal, literacy / numeracy skills and attitudes 

Let's Game! relies totally on parental interest and involvement

Let's Game! is a collection of activities which may or may not be relevant to your family situation.

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Play the Game (Books 1-4)